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Roderick started playing the piano when he was very small having started with classical lessons but it wasn’t until he heard jazz that he realized where his passion lay.

He listened to any records he could find - his father played drums in dance bands and had a good collection. In fact it was his father who bought the piano for himself, but it became apparent that Roderick had perfect pitch and really should be taught.

His favourite albums were by Errol Garner and George Shearing, Oscar Peterson and later Bill Evans. He tried to understand for himself what was happening on the records and how he could play like that

Roderick found work early on playing solo piano in restaurants which helped him build a repertoire quickly. There was some work with bands at that time and then a workshop started that allowed him to play with other jazz musicians.

He played in the rhythm section of the local rehearsal band and worked with visiting soloists at jazz clubs whilst getting a few dates with his own trio.

Then he joined Elaine Delmar’s trio and got more work accompanying singers and recording dates which helped him learn more about his other passion for sound recording and studio production.

He continues this work from his own studio and plays regularly with, and writes for his current trio.


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